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Admission Decision Dates: What you need to know

Posted by Milken School 12/13/2017
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When it comes to applying to college and private schools, the admission process is full of dates and deadlines that you need to meet. Missing these application deadlines might mean that you won't hear from your schools of choice when the admission decision dates roll around. Check out these 4 tips to help you stay on track to receive your decision ASAP.

1. Know the Application Deadlines

The first step to getting your acceptance letter is to actually apply, and applying on time with a complete application is a vital component of the admission process. Most private schools and colleges have deadlines clearly posted on the admission section of their websites, so be sure to make note of what they say. It's always a good rule of thumb to complete your application a few weeks ahead of the deadline (or earlier) to ensure you have enough time to tie up any unexpected loose ends. There are multiple components to your application, including teacher recommendations, standardized testing, an interview, and an essay. Be diligent in making sure all aspects of the application are completed on time. Most schools simply won't send letters out on the admission decision dates if a file is incomplete.

2. Track Your Application Progress

Most schools, including Milken Community Schools, offer online portals where prospective students can log in to access their applications. This gives you the chance to review what has been submitted and received, so that you can track your progress without having to call or email the admission office. Self-sufficiency is a great character trait to exhibit, and the admission staff will greatly appreciate if you're proactive about completing your application on time and following up with teachers or your school if there are missing pieces, like your transcript.

3. Know the Admission Acceptance Dates and Process for Checking

As part of the overall admission process, most schools offer a timeline or an FAQ section that tells you what's due when, and when to expect to hear from the school in return. Mark your calendar accordingly, and don't bother the admission office asking about the status of your decision when the deadlines are clearly marked. Both private schools and colleges will be strict about their admission decision deadlines, and will not release decisions early; don't waste your time asking. Be patient, and educate yourself on how you're going to find out about the decision. Often, an email will be sent and/or the portal that you logged into to apply will also display your admission decision once it's released.

4. Respect the Deadlines to Respond

Just as you had a deadline to apply, and the schools had a deadline to provide you with an admission decision, you're also going to have a deadline to accept, deny, or appeal the admission decision. If you enroll at one school, it is common courtesy that you immediately alert the schools whose offers of admission and/or financial aid you are going to turn down. Schools often have waitlists, and your spot will be offered to another deserving student. Missing the deadline to apply might not be a big deal at some school, but for others, that's a surefire way to lose your spot. Many schools have strict policies that result in an acceptance or financial aid package being withdrawn if you miss the deadline to reply. Need more time? Don't panic. Provided that you take the initiative to ask, many will grant you a short extension. Just be sure to ask in advance, and be prepared to explain why you need it.

Good luck!

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