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The 5 Best Blogs of 2017

Posted by Milken School 1/1/2018
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As we kick off the New Year and celebrate the start of 2018, we wanted to look back at our first year of the Student Success Blog and highlight the 5 best blogs of 2017. Our readers clearly loved some of the pieces we published, and we are confident that you will continue to love what we'll share in 2018 just as much (hopefully, even more!).

1. 10 Private School Interview Questions

The top blog of 2017 was "10 Private School Interview Questions" which outlined some common questions asked during the interview, a required component of the admission application. Being prepared for the interview and having an idea of what questions might be asked can help students (and parents) relax and better represent themselves during this important part of the application process. Did your admission interview ask you different questions? Let us know, and we might just add them to our next article with tips on acing your admission interview.

2. Switching Schools: 3 Reasons You Might Need to Transfer

Many families switch schools simply because their elementary or middle school ends at a particular grade, but others consider finding a new school because their current school just isn't meeting their needs. Finding the perfect school for you is a process, and the truth is, not every school is right for every student. At Milken, we are committed to finding students who will both thrive within our school and enhance our community. If you think your school might not be the best fit for you, check out these three reasons why you might consider transferring schools. Who knows, maybe Milken will be that perfect fit school for you!

3. How to Apply to Private School

Once you've decided to apply to private school, there's a whole process for you to begin. There are a lot of steps, requirements to complete, and application materials to organize. This article outlines the steps you need to take and even offers links to additional resources with tips on how to complete those steps. Check it out!

4. Picking the Best Private School: 6 Things to Consider

Once you've decided to apply to a private school, you have to pick the best private school for you. This process can be daunting, especially if you live in an area with numerous options (or if you're looking at boarding schools, which means you could potentially look anywhere in the world!). But, there are a few questions you can ask yourself and a few things to consider that can help you narrow down your choices. This blog helps you figure all of this out.

5. Admission Decision Dates: What you need to know

Applying to private school means adhering to specific dates and deadlines; if you miss them, even by a few days, it could jeopardize your chances at getting accepted or being considered for financial aid. While many schools accept applications on a rolling basis (until all available spaces are filled), meeting early deadlines might increase your chances at getting into the most competitive schools and could increase the likelihood of your family receiving financial aid to help you with the cost of attending the school. Find out what you need to know in this blog.

There you have it! Our top 5 blogs of 2017. What do you want to know this year? Share your questions and suggestions in the comments below.

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