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Should I follow up on my private school application?

Posted by Milken School 1/29/2018
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You’ve successfully submitted your private school application before the priority admission deadline, but now what? Should you follow up with the admission office to make sure your file is complete, or should you just sit tight and wait? Chances are, the correct thing to do is neither.

Admission offices are busy processing files from all the students applying, so calling them daily to follow up on your application to make sure it’s complete definitely isn’t ideal. However, you also don’t want to just hope for the best that everything is in order and your file is ready for consideration.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. We live in the digital age and most schools, including Milken, offer online admission portals where you can log into your account and view your application record, and you don’t have to wait until after the admission deadline to use it. This dashboard is often dynamic, updating regularly as files are received digitally, and should tell you what is complete and what’s not, so that you can do your own due diligence to follow up on missing pieces.

Keep in mind that in some cases, especially if there are printed application materials being submitted, it can take up to a week for files to be processed properly and show on your account. Don’t panic, just hang tight and give it a few days to see if everything shows up.

If you aren’t seeing something like teacher recommendations or transcripts, send a gentle reminder to the teachers or your school’s main office to check in and remind them of the deadlines, assuming they haven't passed yet. If the deadlines are getting dangerously close, you may need to go in person and ask politely if they’ve had a chance to complete the necessary forms. If you're risking missing the deadlines, you may want to send an email to the admission office to let them know that you're aware these pieces are missing and that you've reached out to the appropriate individuals.

You also want to make sure your test scores are received by the school, and any other supplementary forms, like financial aid applications. You may need to log into other services like ISEE or SSS to check on those portions of your application, as not all admission dashboards will show these.

If you’ve done all these steps and still have questions, then it’s ok to reach out to the admission office for assistance. Just remember, they are trying to process hundreds of student applications, and during February and March, you might not get an immediate response. Don't stress, they'll get back to you!

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