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Is it Time to Switch Schools? 3 Questions to Consider

Posted by Milken School 10/30/2017
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Are you happy at your current school? If you are both properly challenged and properly supported in your learning experience, then chances are, you’ve found a great school for you. But if you’re not, it might be time to ask yourself if you’re attending the right school. Check out these three questions to ask yourself to determine if it might be time for you to switch schools.


1. Are you struggling in school?

For most families, this is an obvious question to ask. If a student isn’t succeeding and meeting his or her academic potential, it’s a natural reaction to seek out more assistance. This can come in the form of simply needing a tutor to get a leg up or perhaps testing to see if the student needs accommodations in order to succeed. However, it’s not always a simple solution. Sometimes a student needs more than just a few more hours of study to excel, or a school cannot adequately meet the needs of a student with an IEP. There are many factors that can adversely affect a student’s ability to reach their potential, ranging from the classes are too large and students don’t get a chance to ask questions, or there’s no opportunity for extra help outside of the normal class time or the school doesn’t offer the type of accommodations the student needs. When there isn’t a simple solution to a learning challenge within your current situation, it may be time to consider an alternative, including the potential for switching schools.


2. Do your classes challenge you?

While most people only focus on the first question, this second one is equally important. You may feel like you’re doing well in school, maybe you’re even getting straight A’s, but it’s important to consider if you’re being adequately challenged in school. The goal of middle school is to prepare you for high school, which serves to prepare you for college and/or a specific career path. If you’re not challenged enough in school and aren’t pushing yourself to grow as a lifelong learner, then you might not be in the right school. Switching schools is never an easy decision, but it’s important to find a school that meets your needs. Many private schools offer a variety of courses ranging from advanced classes to specialized programs of study.


3. Does your school offer the programs you want?

If you’re a student who excels in a particular subject area, perhaps this is even a potential career path for you, it’s important to make sure you’re challenged in that area. Does your school offer advanced classes, a wide array of electives, and an opportunity to engage in study outside of the traditional classroom experience? If so, that’s fantastic! But if not, then you need to determine if this is the best place for you to advance your mastery of the subject. Without the proper resources and learning experiences, you can jeopardize your chances of getting into college and being at the top of your game when it comes to getting a headstart on your career path. Many high school students, including some who attend Milken Community Schools, are starting their own businesses thanks to advanced science and entrepreneurial programs, developing their own patents in a state-of-the-art FAB Lab inspired by MIT, and working alongside university and industry professionals to advance their studies. Does your school do that?


Whatever your academic needs are, if your school isn’t giving you the options and support you need, then it’s time to consider switching schools. Private schools like Milken offer a wide range of courses that cater to speciality interests including advanced sciences, architecture, performing arts, creative writing, and Jewish studies. They also offer small class sizes, accessible teachers, and exciting extracurricular programs outside of the traditional classroom experience, including arts and athletics. Is it time for you to apply to private school?



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