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Switching Schools: 3 Reasons You Might Need to Transfer

Posted by Milken School 11/27/2017

When you don’t feel like you fit in at school, it can feel devastating, but there’s hope. Whether you simply need some tips on how to make friends, or you need to have a serious conversation about switching schools, you have options. Deciding that you need to switch schools is never an easy decision to make. But, for some students, finding a new school to attend is the only way to ensure they can be successful in middle school or high school. How do you know if change of school environment is the best solution? Consider these three reasons for switching schools and see if you might need to look at another option for school.

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How to Handle Bullying at School

Posted by Milken School 10/16/2017

The sad truth is that for many children, bullying is an unfortunate experience that occurs at school. No one deserves to be bullied or have someone be mean to them, but believe it or not, 77 percent of school aged children are bullied in some manner, including mental, verbal and physical abuse. That statistic comes from the Ambassadors 4 Kids Club, which notes that 43 percent of students also report online abuse; this means that cyberbullying is on the rise.  

A safe and supportive environment is crucial to proper child development and a positive learning environment. If you think you or someone you know may be experiencing bullying at school, check out these tips on what you can do.

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How to Make Friends in Middle School

Posted by Andrea Smith 10/2/2017

Middle school is a time of transitions. New school, new students, new classes and teachers, more homework and higher academic expectations can all add up to a difficult adjustment period. But, a strong friend group can provide an important support system to help you navigate your way through this time. Friendships also teach important social skills such as communication, cooperation, and problem solving. It might seem scary or challenging to make new friends, but don’t panic. Check out these ways that can help you to make friends in middle school.

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